Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Rahm Assailed, Chickens Inhaled

This is pure awesomeness.  Here too.  And I can accurately report a similar mob scene at the Chik-fil-A on May Avenue in Oklahoma City as well.

Jeez, I'd love to own a business that the libtards target with their self-righteous ire. I'll get working on that business plan...

UPDATE:  Wow, the word play fun here is almost endless.  Prof. Jacobsen has coined "Chicagoans Flip Rahm the Bird".  A commenter at SayAnything had "Democrats Lay an Egg, the People Eat Chicken".  Keep 'em coming!

UPPDATE:  The NBfPB command center here in New York just got a report that the Chik-fil-A in Edmond, OK has lines so long they've shut down traffic, people waiting in their cars patiently for long periods in order to patronize the Chik.


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