Monday, June 29, 2015

Thoughts on Gay Marriage Ruling

It is not gay individuals marrying other gay individuals that will be damaging to American society, but it is the activist mindset around gay marriage that certainly will.

By insisting that everyone who is not hitting the ceiling in jubilation is an abominable bigot, the cause of gay marriage will tear the nation apart in a way that the actual practice will not.

Most Americans are people of goodwill and there are honest and thoughtful reasons to oppose gay marriage that are not evidence of bigotry.  One of those reasons is the totality of the human record.  No society, on any part of the globe, in any era, has sanctioned gay marriage formally as co-equal to heterosexual marriage.  Some people believe that in the aggregate experience of all those that have come before, there is, perhaps, a modicum of wisdom.  The notion that all humanity, for all time recorded, has been wrong is a tad arrogant and skepticism ought to be respected.  But not only is it not respected, it is labelled irretrievably bigoted.  So, the bulk of humanity for all recorded time = bigots; a relatively small numbers of Americans in the 21st century = the enlightened.

People don't like being called bigots and certainly so when they view things consistent with all of recorded history.  So much of the damage has been done, not by unleashing gay couples on society, but by branding the majority of us as irredeemable bigots. If the left wants to limit the damage, they can pocket their victory and go about everyday life with goodwill towards others who respectfully disagree.  However, I suspect they won't.  They'll continue to pile-drive us into conformity with their totalitarian accusations of bigotry.  This professor seems to understand where we go from here, alluding to "Cool Hand Luke" to hint at what it likely coming.
The revolutionary mindset that the Court has perhaps half-witlessly embraced means to eliminate all felt “stigma,” any trace of social “humiliation,” just so that everyone’s “identity” is equally valued.
Doing all that requires a lot more than just a fair shakedown at the courthouse. It requires getting all of our minds right. And so we should expect today’s decision to inaugurate the greatest crisis of religious liberty in American history. I am certain that it will.
 If Americans didn't appreciate being called bigots, they will appreciate being pounded into conformity much less so.  I'm afraid much social discord is headed our way.

I have no beef with gay marriage, but I don't like being called a bigot because I have no special brief for it either.  The left is never gracious in victory and I suspect "having no beef" will not be enough.


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