Thursday, June 18, 2015

Suddenly Lefties Love the catholic Church

Before I got all busy-like for the day, I was going to post how fun it is going to be to watch all the lefties suddenly assert the absolute moral authority of the church now that Pope Francis is a hard care global warmist.

Lefties have despised the Catholic church for as long as anyone can remember and have denigrated its doctrine as pure, unadulterated evil for decades, but now it's all, "Hey, we gotta listen to the Pope!" 

Forget the church's position on gay marriage, forget abortion, forget birth control...those damn Catholic troglodytes!  Oh authority to force climate change policy upon nations to the detriment of their sovereignty and to squash free market systems..????  We LOVE THE CHURCH!!

Witness the spectacle.

Oh, and btw, we see through your ass...


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