Thursday, June 25, 2015

King vs. Burwell

It will be little commented upon, but the SCOTUS, despite upholding ObamaCare on two occasions, is not impressed with it as a legislative achievement.
The Affordable Care Act contains more than a few examples of inartful drafting. (To cite just one, the Act creates three separate Section 1563s. See 124 Stat. 270, 911, 912.) Several features of the Act’s passage contributed to that unfortunate reality. Congress wrote key parts of the Act behind closed doors, rather than through “the traditional legislative process.” Cannan, A Legislative History of the Affordable Care Act: How Legislative Procedure Shapes Legislative History, 105 L. Lib. J. 131, 163 (2013). And Congress passed much of the Act using a complicated budgetary procedure known as “reconciliation,” which limited opportunities for debate and amendment, and bypassed the Senate’s normal 60-vote filibuster requirement. Id., at 159–167. As a result, the Act does not reflect the type of care and deliberation that one might expect of such significant legislation.
In other words, ObamaCare is a piece of crap, but it's your piece of crap America.

I have sympathy for this viewpoint, people should not be shielded from their poor electoral choices.  Roughly 55% of the country wants to destroy this country and/or is too dumb to know that they are destroying the country.  That's the way of the world.  Sucks, but we can hope for the best.


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