Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cuomo to "Red" New York: Drop Dead

In one day we get two news items that encapsulates Andy Cuomo's bankrupt and idiotic economic policy for the state of New York - energy no, casinos yes

By all means let's encourage the effective regressive taxation of poor and stupid people via gambling while we shut off the development of cheap and clean natural gas to fuel our economy and bring needed economic development to depressed rural New York (even though fracking is done safely nearly everywhere else in the USA, even in Jerry Brown's California).  Irony alert, the NY Department of Health was the ostensible authority that gave Cuomo the cover to carry out this liberal policy wish, but gambling has nothing to do with health...huh?

Residents of the Southern Tier are rightly pissed and this sentiment encapsulates the entire political dynamic of New York state.
When Conklin, N.Y., town supervisor Jim Finch heard the news, he began drawing up plans to secede from the state. “I’m serious,” said Mr. Finch, who oversees a town of some 5,000 people on the Susquehanna River just a few minutes’ drive from the Pennsylvania border. “New York City determines policy in the Southern Tier? That’s baloney.”
12 million liberal New York City area residents run the lives of 8 million mostly conservative upstaters, and it sucks for that later camp.  Non-NYC New York is a hollowed out shell of economic malaise and declining population thanks to elitist liberal policy emanating from the NYC political set.  If it weren't for NYC, Cuomo would have lost his re-election race this November.  Secession is one answer (not a good one, but one that I certainly understand), but one day upstaters are going to have to get off their butts and turnout at the polls in legendary numbers if they are ever going to throw the liberal NYC gorilla off their backs.

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