Tuesday, December 23, 2014

More Wishful Thinking from the Media/Academic Elite

Ugh, more pathetic wishful thinking about the economy and the Lightworker.
A roaring U.S. economy is strengthening President Barack Obama as he confronts a new Congress under Republican control.
A report today that the gross domestic product grew at a 5 percent annual rate from July through September, its best performance in a decade, sent the Dow Jones Industrial Average past 18,000 for the first time. Consumers gained from stronger employment, higher pay and lower gasoline prices -- countering criticism that Obama hasn’t done enough for middle-income Americans.
“There’s no way you can look at those numbers and say it’s not good news” for Obama and Democrats, said James Campbell, a political science professor at the University at Buffalo.
I have said it over and over - and predicted it outright - the economy is improving because businesses see the light at the end of the tunnel, namely the end of the Obama era.  Obama has been a spent force in Washington for a long time now, his policy-making ability is nil.  Of course, he can still be a thorn in business's side, like this, but he has to resort to executive branch assertiveness and extra-constitutional maneuvers to be relevant.  And of course, businesses are looking forward to a GOP-held Congress, if not for inspired policy-making than for definitive burial of an Obama legislative agenda.

It has been six years of waiting Obama out.  With his power mostly gone and tenure nearly over, it is high time to get back to business.  The stock market has known this for awhile, the real economy is just now reflecting that reality.


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