Thursday, January 15, 2015

Could the Paris Islamo-Massacre Get Any More Ridiculous?

So let's add some additional pieces to the puzzle of the Charlie Hebdo/HyperCacher Islamo-massacre festival that went down in Paris.  Apparently, the killer in the kosher supermarket operation, despite being a convicted felon, took out a consumer loan, went to Belgium and bought guns and weapons basically out in the open.

So, let's break this down while looking at it from 30,000 feet:  European leftists aren't winning enough elections, so they import millions of Muslims from poor countries, hook them on welfare and when they inevitably become unhappy, they radicalized and adopt a murderous form of religious zealotry.  The system essentially hands them resources with which to buy weapons, which, by the way, are strictly controlled and putatively impossible to own by the broad public in the name of safety.  They go on killing sprees, targeting citizens and vital institutions (journalistic enterprises), and law enforcement responds with unarmed policemen on bicycles that run away.  After the fact, the elites in power deny that these events had anything to do with a murderous religious ideology and make meaningless gestures to make everybody feel good and further restrict the activity that the murders were trying to 'dissuade'.

They say that advanced societies don't die, they commit suicide.  If that little view from 30,000 feet doesn't describe societal suicide to you, I don't know what does.


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