Monday, September 27, 2010

My Vacation: Leftism In Action

Holy Coincidence Batman!! Yours truly just returned from a few days vacation in San Francisco, where we were entertained by some friends. In chatting, the husband of one of Mrs. Baseball's college friends told me about this impending law. Not two hours later, the ever-ravishing Mrs. B and I took a stroll down to Folsom Street, where the world-famous Folsom Street Fair was going on. (What better way to wind down a nice getaway of wine-tasting in Napa and fine dining in SF than to watch some leather chap-clad buff boys engage in bondage and S&M right there in the street?) I commented to the lovely Mrs. B that the day's events aptly illustrated leftism for me: you can whip and sodomize each other in the street but you can't buy your kid a Happy Meal.

After they ban the Happy Meal, maybe some daring and outspoken denizens of San Francisco will get together once a year in a bold celebration of independence and liberty and engage in Happy Meal purchasing with wild abandon in contravention of all accepted norms. Heck, maybe they can host the Happy Meal-a-thon on Folsom Street.


Blogger Whiner said...

Don't confused the obnoxious centrists with the leftists - the happy fetish people and lefty hippies were also busily acting in protest of one of the Demopub's upcoming new laws, the one that says you can be arrested for sitting on the damn sidewalk.

Sitting down is a human right IMO!

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