Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Greece: The Truth Is Hiding in Plain Sight

Remember when I saw a Nobel prize-winning economist say, "Well, different people do better (economically) at different times."  How about that for taking off the high-octane analytical hat and chalking things up to basic common sense observations, huh?

I am reminded of that watching respected Finance/Economics professor (and my former professor) Charles Calomiris suggest simply that Alexis Tsipras just might be nuts.

Yeah, let's get back to basics here folks.  SYRIZA, Tsipras's political party, literally means "Coalition of the Radical Left".  Let's parse this.  First, they don't even hide it the way normal Euro lefties do behind some vague, anodyne moniker like 'People's Democratic Movement' or some such non-descriptive nothingness.  Not just Left, but Radical Left in case you are interested in degrees of leftism.  And not a disciplined, uniform group of radical lefties, but a coalition.  In other words, a hodge-podge amalgamation of all manner of radical lefties.

Yeah, I'd say the truth in Greece is hiding in plain sight.  Further reason, in my opinion, to cut 'em loose.

UPDATE:  And sure enough, the stupid Greeks are still poking sticks in people's eyes as they run out of money...


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