Tuesday, April 28, 2015

No Words. OK, Actually Two Words...

It's high time to stop candy-coating life in America.  Fortunately I've been refraining from coating the candy for a long while.  I've talked about this a lot - from a purely political perspective there are places in America where the hopes and dreams, at least in terms of political power - the wherewithal to affect outcomes - of minorities has come to pass.

Yes.  Minorities…oh shit, let's just get raw…blacks wield a lot of political power, overwhelming power even, in a handful of places in America and have for some time.  New Orleans.  Newark.  Detroit.  Oakland.  Cleveland.  Baltimore.  (I could go on…Camden, East St. Louis..)

Let's just admit it, blacks run these cities lock, stock, and barrel; and, they are uniformly terribly run and uniformly shitty places to live.  Despite geography - Oakland is about as different from a geographic and economic perspective as can be from, say, Cleveland - and historical patrimony, all these cities seem to display the exact same level and concentration of poverty and social pathology.

And it took years.  Detroit's story is well-known - it used to be the 4th largest city in American and one of the richest.  That was in 1960.  It took 50 years to destroy Detroit via multiple and sundry ways, but electing a "hip-hop mayor" is an indicative tidbit of the long arc of pathetic supply and demand of political leadership that was decisive in the downfall of a great American city.  (Please note, that today - in 2015 America - we are producing more cars annually than we've ever produced, so don't give me no BS sob story about the auto industry.)

What is my point?  This.

This Congress?  Really?  Baltimore is a burning, festering shithole, where thugs are given "space" to destroy property because of this Congress?

There is only one reaction.  F**k you.

F**k you, you mealy-mouth charlatan.  You rank political opportunist.  You amateur hack.  You dime store, faculty lounge, pseudo-intellectual twit.

I hope we banish you to some God-forsaken island where you can read all the Frantz Fanon and Saul Alinsky to your heart's content, and America will be free to tell the story to our children how we got suckered.  Not just suckered, but screwed.  Screwed by a cheesy, lying, narcissistic phony, who couldn't have (and didn't) make it in the real world for a nano-second.

This man has brought America so low.  Until such time when we can say 'Good riddance'…God Help Us.

UPDATE:  John Nolte has it exactly right.  Baltimore is it's own problem and a Democrat problem.  America doesn't own Baltimore and America is not responsible.  It is a failed example of Democrat-led, union-coddling, corrupt, racialist machine politics.  They own it. 

UPPDATE:  Wow, Nolte doubles down...Baltimore riots are "nothing more than infomercials for U-Haul and the NRA."


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