Thursday, April 30, 2015

Whoops, My Bad...Sorry Baltimore

You would think that after burning down one city (Ferguson, MO) at the loss, though tragic, of a highly imperfect cause celebre, people would be more circumspect before burning down another one before all the facts come in.  (Lest anybody get into a lather, I am going on the facts as laid out in the prosecutor's report, that Michael Brown was not an innocent and and wholly blameless in his own demise.)

Of course not.  Doesn't fit the narrative.  Burn now.  Demonize now.  Sermonize now. 

Find out that the kid whacked his head on the door later...?

What do we have to tolerate next?  Shall we burn down Cleveland if a black man dies even remotely near a police officer regardless of the circumstances of his death.  Are we to rack up millions in damages just to feed the outrage beast?  Well, for at least the next two years, perhaps.


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