Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Romney Shocks With Actual Mojo...?

So Romney's speech was pretty darn good.  You should check it out.  Couple things.  This vindicates, I think, Spengler's impressions, and to some extent mine because Romney never made me kvetch like so many other conservatives who temporarily came down with a liberalesque whining virus.  Principally, however, I said that conservatives and libertarians are gonna like Romney alot more once he raises a campaign kitty that will be able to take on Billion Dollar Barack (or even Not Quite a Billion Dollar Barack).  The money is important, but enthusiasm is important too.  So, it's nice to see actual evidence that Romney might find some actual, inspiring mojo.

I very much like the three-pronged approach: 1) the presidential, above the fray air (because the guy is actually presidential); 2) the Reaganite Hope/Optimistic Themes ("dust off those 'Help Wanted' signs" sounds alot like Morning In America but with specificity on jobs); and 3) the dismissiveness of the Lightworker as a bit of a joke, b/c, well, he is.

One final thought.  Yesterday, I got my fifth consecutive issue of American Rifleman in which nearly every printed editorial word was a call to arms to defeat Obama this November.  The NRA estimates that there are 20 million gun owners that aren't registered to vote.  That is amazing to me, but who am I to question that.  If the NRA is successful at whipping up a decent chunk of those folks, and by all accounts they are trying mightily, and driving them to the polls, then Obama is toast.  Gun sales figures would indicate that the NRA's GOTV efforts could be successful.  People are already voting with their dollars, it's not a stretch to imagine that they will vote with their votes too.

UPDATE:  I have chronicled well the sharp criticism of Obama's economic policy leveled by Democrat businessman and media mogul, Mort Zuckerman.  My friend at SayAnythingBlog, Bat One, takes up the duty again today.  Remember how we saw, putatively exhausted/angered with Bush, the emergence of "Obamicans" in the 2008 election?  So, an interesting question:  Will Zuckerman lead a vanguard of business-minded 'Romneycrats'?  Hmmm....

UPPDATE:  Almost forgot this one - on the day after Romney comes out swinging and makes the case that we have to move on from Obama's "false promises and weak leadership", the man who I have said will be Treasury Secretary under a President Romney takes to the pages of the WSJ Op-Ed pages to say that Obama's budget math is screwy and disastrous.


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