Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Evidence Is In, Crap On Business and They Won't Hire

Right from the get-go, I assessed Barack Obama's policies as essentially at war with American business. I predicted capital would flee and jobs that otherwise would be created in the US and that were needed to help our economy recover would instead be created abroad. And I cited early examples and more recent examples.

Now the broader evidence is trickling in that shows I was right and illuminates the devastating effect of the Lightworker's rank anti-business agenda has had on job creation.

U.S.-based multinational companies increased their work forces at home by 0.1% in 2010 while expanding overseas employment by 1.5%, the Commerce Department said Wednesday.

The modest expansion of the global companies' employment in the U.S. came in a year when the private sector as a whole shed 0.6% of its U.S. workers.

So, in a critical year of recovery where the private sector was shrinking and we needed jobs from strong multinationals, who were able to hire, badly, those companies created nearly all the precious few jobs they could muster overseas. And I don't blame them. The United States government was crapping all over American businesses, why should they expose themselves to abuse and risks when other countries were rolling out the red carpets for their investment dollars?

Hope and change, baby!


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