Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Only A Little While Longer To Indulge in the Romney Kvetching

Debbie Whatshername Schultz may think the Dems had a big night last night, but this is fundraising gold for the likes of Mitt Romney, very much in keeping with how I imagine it will go.

On that note, there still appears to be alot of moaning (#5) about how Mitt Romney fared last night (did he do good or bad? I can't tell). And here. So let me reiterate things again for those who are not following along - it's fine. Romney is FINE. By any objective standard he is exactly the type of man with exactly the type of temperament, experience, and broad and deep connections to experts in policy and American life (precisely what Obama lacked when we put him in the White House) that we have elected more often than not in our nation's history. By any standard, Mitt Romney is the most typically "presidential" candidate to run for the Presidency since George Herbert Walker Bush. So relax and focus.

And remember, if you are a rabid small-government/right-wingish/libertarian/crony-capitalism hating/Tea Party/conservative loon like me, the real fight is over the Congress. The White House would be nice, but the Congress is essential. Our strategy should be 1) Hold the House, Take the Senate, 2) Replace Obama with just about anybody, and I mean ANYBODY.

So get all your Romney-Angst out of your system now and get ready to get your butt and the butts of several relatives, friends and associates to the polls in November to pull the lever for Mitt.

Plus, you're gonna like Mitt alot more when he has a war chest of $700 million dollars (that Newt Santorum could only dream of raising) and someone like Chris Christie, Bob McDonnell, Jim DeMint or Marco Rubio on his ticket as VP nominee. (Or, if you like out-of-the-box scenarios...Rand Paul...)


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