Friday, April 20, 2012

Romney Money Flood Just Kicking In

So, Romney's fundraising is kicking in as I told you it would.  I predict that next month's report on fundraising will show continued improvement.  He's picked up his game of late, but I don't think that's the deciding factor in the fundraising game.  The nomination was the hurdle and being close in the polls is the catalyst.  I always felt that if he locked up the nomination and polls showed he was within striking distance of the Lightworker, then the money would pour in.  Well, he's the guy, he's close, and the money is starting to flow.

And trust me, Republicans, conservatives, and libertarians are all going to like Romney alot more when he's loaded with cash and boils it down to this - "It's me or your basic freedoms, so what will it be?"


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