Monday, April 23, 2012

Barack Kirchner

Awhile back I said that we'd be lucky if Pelosi/Reid/Obama only turned us into France, that more likely they'd turn us into Argentina.  Well, econ/finance blogger extraordinaire, Scott Grannis, knows wherefore he speaks in re Argentina and is currently in Argentina, and the verdict seems to be that there are more similarities between Queen Christina Kirchner and Dear Leader Obama than differences.  (We haven't stolen any companies outright yet, but we did run roughshod over GM and Chrysler bondholder in order to transfer large stakes in those automakers to the unions.)  Also, I said that the Obamacrats would like to take a page out of the Kirchner playbook and tap into Americans' retirement savings to help it pay back its atrocious debts. Well looky what I read over the weekend...

It's coming baby.  Four more years and we may be looking alot more like Argentina.


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