Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Funny That: Emissions Heavy Industry Oddly Exempted In Paris

We know that the Paris Global Warming Climate Change summit, known as COP21 isn't about anything other than wealth transfer from rich to poor nations and establishing a further excuse for governments to assert more power, but at least I thought they'd hide the fact better.

As evidence that this is not about emissions at all, please enter in the record Exhibit (insert high number here):
The shipping industry may have caught a break from climate negotiators after transportation emissions get dropped in the most recent updates on the talks.
In its latest draft of a worldwide agreement aimed at stemming climate change, United Nations conferees at COP21 in Paris issued a text Wednesday that omitted earlier references to “international transport emissions” as an area for regulation by agreement signers.
Transport emissions were a target of regulation in the previous draft issued 5 December. In particular, that earlier draft called on countries to limit emissions from “marine bunker fuels” with the help of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).
Bunker (ship) fuels are very dirty.  Ship engines are relatively inefficient.  Yet shipping is the backbone of global trade. Let's look closer...

Powerful shipping nations include:  USA, Japan, Germany, UK.

Oil-rich nations that rely on shipping to get their oil to their customers: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Norway, Russia, Venezuela.

Export dependent nations that rely on shipping:  China, Japan, China, Germany, China

Greenies irked...
Brussels-based environmental nongovernmental organisation Transport & Environment (T&E) said transport emissions have grown more rapidly, 80% over a twenty-year period, than the 40% growth in overall emissions.
“It’s pretty chaotic what happened,” said Andrew Murphy, policy director for T&E. He said dropping transport emissions from the most recent draft stems from the neglect of larger countries to push for such regulations in the most recent draft.
Too chaotic.  Neglect.  Yup, that's what's going on!


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