Monday, December 07, 2015

Since 2008 I Have Been Right...Pig In a Poke

Here is where we have come folks...after seven years...nothing more needs to be said...

Except that I predicted it all..."pig in a poke" I said in 2008.  And not off-handedly.  Quite deliberately and soaking up all I could about this unknown* man that we just swept to the Oval Office on a wave of unreality.  I observed and pondered and I determined that there was not one dimension, not one aspect where this man is qualified or predisposed to serve the nation well.  That's what I meant by "pig in a poke".

But as I say, the blame lies with us, we get the leaders we deserve.

* unknown only in the sense that the MSM and most of America chose not to know him, so they could vote for him.  Knowing him, with plenty of available information at the time, made him unelectable, which is why the MSM did their best not to delve into who this guy was and is.


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