Thursday, December 03, 2015

The Biggest Tragedy of Dalliance with Obama

Again, Dan Henninger and I are intellectual soul-mates.

Dan writes his effective denouement of the Obama years, because despite the damage yet to come the Obama experiment is largely over.  You should read the whole thing but Henninger gets at the nub of the tragedy (and corrects lefties while at it).
Liberals think the right is gloating at Mr. Obama’s end-of-term difficulties. No one is gloating. The nation is either furious (the right) or depressed (the left) at eight wasted, wheel-spinning years whose main achievement is ObamaCare—a morass.
Wasted time.  Don't get me wrong, Obama has done serious and tangible damage but the biggest sin of our dalliance with this putz has been wasted time.  Sorry Dan but I got here first...
At the official end of Obama's Presidency, I think we will look back and have a panoply of regrets, but the major regret will be that of lost time.  All the other things aside, we wasted too much precious time dealing with this joker.  


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