Thursday, November 06, 2014

McConnell Got His Wish, Obama Is a One-Term President

So, Mitch McConnell is much in the news after Election Day 2014.  Let me go back to something McConnell said way back when and was widely ridiculed for it - he said his job, and that of Republicans in Congress in general, was to make Barack Obama a one term President.

Effectively he has.

Of course, technically Obama isn't a one term President.  We will not get one of the inherent benefits of our system's ability to kick an executive out after one term, which is the ability to move on, to get on with life.  At the official end of Obama's Presidency, I think we will look back and have a panoply of regrets, but the major regret will be that of lost time.  All the other things aside, we wasted too much precious time dealing with this joker. 

But effectively, Obama is a one term President.  He has been a spent force for some time now, and, after this past Tuesday, he has been relegated to a bystander role in the proper and legitimate governance of our country (that is not to say that he will be a bystander - there is the ability to play a role in the improper and illegitimate governance of our country).

So, Mitch McConnell achieved, in a sense, his goal.  However it is half a loaf.  We've avoided an extra four years of Obama's policy desires, we just haven't been freed up to get on with life.


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