Thursday, December 03, 2015

Urgent Priorities In Wake of San Bernardino Massacre

In response to the Muslim terror that has struck California, I suggest society immediately implement the following sensible actions with utmost urgency:

1) Take law-abiding citizens's guns away, especially white, Christians;
2) Aggressively frisk and detain elderly, white women at airports
3) Dub the San Bernardino massacre as what it clearly is - workplace violence
4) Hire some high-profile Muslim outreach consultants
5) Bring in tens of thousands of more Muslims to America
6) Dispense money to Saudi wahabbist fronts like CAIR
7) Infuse completely unrelated government agencies, NASA say, with a mandate for Muslim outreach
8) Insist that Muslims killing people over and over has nothing to do with being Muslim
9) Find some other issue to prioritize over addressing Muslim terror, say, the weather...


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