Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Obama's Likely Legacy: More Guns, More Debt, More GOP Governors, GOP Congress, Bush Rehabilitation, Racial Discord, Security Vulnerability

Apropos this article by VDH, I have blogged about the America that Lightworking Dear Leader will leave behind when he (mercifully, but not mercifully enough) leaves office.

Beyond doubt, Obama will leave behind a substantially more armed citizenry, who have, on the whole, become much more supportive of private ownership of firearms, and support less restrictive firearms laws.

Obama will leave behind an America where state governments are under historically unprecedented control of Republicans.

Obama will leave behind an America so indebted that the greatest 20th century achievements of the progressive movement will likely have to be rolled back in order to preserve the nation's solvency.

Obama will leave behind an America that understands (at least, if not fully accepts) more than it did that George W. Bush's foreign policy was driven by the view that terrorism (rogue and state-sponsored) needs to be engaged in foreign theatres lest it come to domestic theatres.

And this is to say nothing of racial discord and the shift in congressional power.

It will be for the historians to sort out and debate but the points above are likely only debatable in terms of degree.  I'm not sure this is what the hordes of fanboys and fainting fawners had in mind when they swept Lightworker Guy into office.


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