Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Occam's Razor Anyone?


The big MSM lede for November was how, in his last year, Obama is going to be awesomely, lightworkeringly focused on...gun control.

And like night follows day...
More Americans had their backgrounds checked purchasing guns on Black Friday than any day on record, according to data released by the FBI this week.
I told you that one of Obama's true legacies (actual legacies as opposed to phony legacies that the MSM and Dem machine will try to tell us is His legacy) will be a MUCH, MUCH more armed American citizenry.

It also makes you question all the talk of the deep intellect that runs this administration...for seven years they've been talking gun control and for seven years Americans have ramped up gun purchases.  Hmmm, let's do it again in year eight!!


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