Monday, December 07, 2015

Easy Prediction: MSM Will Ignore Le Pen the Younger

Back when the elegant and comely Segolene Royal was challenging Nicolas Sarkozy for the French presidency, the world media was tripping over themselves to report on her elegance and comeliness - and, indeed, this French "socialist" wore her Chanel better than most French aristocrats.  The world MSM was all aflutter with what a shining example of French womanhood Ms. Royal was.

He's a prediction, you will see no such fawning articles and hear no such sentiments in regards to Marion Marechal-Le Pen in the coming days, months and years, although she is every bit as elegant and attractive as the former wannabe President. The world MSM is uniform in its sneering disdain for the politics of the National Front, the party whose banner Ms. Marechal-Le Pin carries.


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