Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Dems Have Had Much Worse Ideas Than Trump's Bad Idea

So, Donald Trump has proposed a policy that violates nearly everyone's sense of fairness and values.

(Let us be clear though, not for the same reasons.  Conservatives are upset because the policy violates our dedication to due process as well as the idea of America as a bastion of religious liberty.  Lefties are upset because the policy trips their victimologist wires, where we can't adopt any policy even slightly prejudicial, no matter how justified, to brown people or "the other" as they term it.  Lefties have no problem banishing people, just not non-white people.  White NRA member and/or a "climate denier"?  Banish away.)

But I digress.  My main point is that not too long ago, a somewhat prominent Democrat (Governor of 9th largest state) proposed a policy that would repudiate one of our most cherished principles to deal with a pressing policy debate, namely to suspend voting until a solution to our fiscal issues was agreed upon.  In the annals of horrible, very bad, tyrannical and un-American ideas, that one took the cake.  Did we hear much about it?  No.  But Trump's bad idea will be played endlessly by the media.



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