Friday, February 13, 2015

Markets Update

So some news...

The S&P 500 index has reached an all-time high today.  Remember folks...I've been bullish AND I've told you why...the Lightworker is done and getting doner (just look at the data!).

Well, with President Selfie Stick's foreign policy now in tatters, as even the liberal MSM readily admits, the stock market roars ahead.  And it is set to continue, unless, of course, geo-political messiness transmogrifies into a large, hot war, which it could. 

On the home front, three years ago, big time CEOs were kissing Obama's ass hoping not to get skewered by his Chicago gangster crew transplanted to Washington.  Now, those CEOs are much less afraid, witness Randall Stephenson of AT&T saying "we'll sue your ass."

I didn't think it was possible for Obama to have less mojo, but he's setting new standards in the negative mojo he can bring to the office of POTUS.  At some point that's bad for stocks, but not yet...and maybe not ever given the 22nd Amendment, beautiful thing that it is.

Oh, and I've been bearish on Treasuries - and dead wrong, I might add - but now Nobelist Robert Shiller seems to coming around to my view.


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