Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Another Terrible "Rape Culture" Hero Is Exposed

Once again the left has chosen its heroes...poorly.

Emma "Mattress Carrier" Sulkowicz is one of various talispersons (taliswomyn?) for the crusade against "rape culture", which is euphemism for "our crusade against men for not being everything we want them to be."

It is very clear from the evidence, that young Emma was quite taken with her non-committal lover Paul.  She tries to play chill but she can't deny her feelings and pursues him with a variety of fairly typical tactics, 1) casual interaction/friendship, 2) emotional aggressiveness, and 3) yes...wait for it...sexual venturesomeness. 

When Paul fails to respond in the way Emma wants, sexual activity morphs into "rape" as the vast majority of these cases do. 

Actual, violent rape is problem, mostly in other parts of the world, but feminists can be bothered with that.  What bothers them is these young women, poisoned with the strident rhetoric of modern feminism, is they can't stand the prospect of feeling they've lost the emotional chess game that youthful sexual encounters often can be.  It hurts, but it's not rape.  Only that is not what their professors and the putative adults at our colleges and universities are telling them.  Rather than admit the poison of this idea, these adults would rather see one half of the population of Americans stripped of their due process rights, preferably with the blessing of the government.

We can only hope that sense prevails and society rejects this phony "rape culture" crusade.


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