Tuesday, February 11, 2014

More and Again...Obama Down, Stocks Up

The market is up today and alot of focus is naturally on the first official utterances of Janet Yellen.  Ho Hum.

Readers know that I ascribe the robust stock market to the declining power of Obama, the most economically destructive political force that the nation has seen in decades.  (And have from the very beginning.) Note, this is what I said last July:
Expect further Obama weakness and, concomitantly, further market strength.

I think today we are seeing more of this phenomenon.  Make no mistake about it, the further delay of the ObamaCare employee mandate is a milepost on the continued decline and drive toward irrelevance of the Lightworker.  The law is in grave danger of collapsing and/or going away via corrective legislation.  And this is all good for stocks.

UPDATE:  Drudge with the merciless pounding of juxtaposition.


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