Monday, February 10, 2014

A Quick Venture Into TimesWorld

Hard to believe, but something really weird happened today.  I didn't sleep at all really last night and was so tired.  How tired?  This tired - I bought the New York Times.  Yes, it snowed here in the metro NYC area and my WSJ didn't get delivered.  When this happens, I just buy the WSJ at the train station where I begin my morning commute into the 21st century plantation that is NYC.  So, I whipped out my $2.50, grabbed the paper and boarded the train.

I perused the front page, flipped through the sections to see a sports section (this should have tipped me off, but we've established I was tired).  The front page, A1 above the fold, AND the sports section had headline articles about a good-but-not-great college football player from a good-but-not-great football program (Mizzou) that was contemplating the NFL draft.  Huh?

So, I thought to myself, this is weird, why is my paper writing - twice - about a marginal college football player?   Then I woke up and saw the distinctive font across the top of the page...I had bought  the New York Times, something I haven't done in 15 years.  The New York Times!  Of course, that is why the big story of the day is about a college football player.  Because he's GAY!   What could be cooler in Timesworld than a gay football player?!?!  Very little except for maybe a black President or a Sandinista mayor.

It all made sense.  And after realizing that the world was as it should be, I folded up the paper and laid it on the seat, for someone else to read, wishing I had my $2.50 back and realizing why I hadn't purchased the NYT in 15 years.


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