Tuesday, February 04, 2014

$6.6 Trillion More US Debt Under Obama...All Part of the Plan

The federal government has racked up $6.6 trillion in additional debt under Obama.  That is up from $10.6 trillion the day he took office.  So, 43 Presidents from 1789-2008...$10.6 trillion.  One President from 2008-2014 (not even into February)...$6.6 trillion.

This would be a good time to remind everyone that there is a plan behind what seems to be no plan to tackle the US's fiscal health.
Ultimately, there is a plan. 
Look at the debt clock. What is the only number in green on that page that even comes close to signifying that we aren't dead flat broke? Hint: Look towards the bottom. It's Total National Assets. Specifically, Household Assets and Corporate Assets. There's $96 trillion there. 
And they're going to steal it. 
Not today. Not Barack Obama. But someday. The next Barack Obama will do it. This Barack Obama is just preparing for the heist to go down. The next radical sheep in moderate clothing that the media fawns over, covers for, and aids and abets all the way to the White House will steal from this honey pot. 
It is a core part of their ideology. Read The Communist Manifesto and/or any other of the hundreds of left wing treatises or manifestos written since. They want to confiscate private wealth. Always have, always will. And they do it all the time. Poland just did it. Cyprus did it. Argentina is famous for doing it. They want to rule and take all your money to do with it what they will. And they will.


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