Friday, January 31, 2014

Five Years Later, Obama Finally Shafts the Green Rubes

So the Keystone XL pipeline raises no environmental concerns, so says the State Dept.'s report released today.  Everyone knew this, but the media, naturally, is treating this as news and a revalation, so that Lightworker doesn't look cynical and less than blameworthy.

The truth is that everyone involved knew that there were no exceptional environmental concerns to the project.  All that study had been done by the time Obama came into office, and Obama only needed to dot Is and cross Ts.  Well, that is unless you want to rally your base..twice.  And he did.  He kept the issue alive for the 2012 campaign so he could raise money and rally his base by pretending that he was against it. 

Now, it is likely that the pipeline will get approved.  In the meantime, we've wasted five years and tens of millions of dollars, looked like flakes on the world stage, and damaged our relationship with our neighbor Canada. 

But Lightworker don't care, he got re-elected and you gotta break a few eggs if you know what I mean.  I wonder how used and exploited all the green, anti-Keystone rubes feel just about now knowing that this pipeline is going to get built?

Rube Self-Identification in 3-2-1...


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