Wednesday, January 29, 2014

SOTU Reveals Obama Is Where I Have Said He Is For Some Time Now

Well, the reviews are in and most commentators have chalked up the SOTU as a bust - a small bore effort at warmed over ideas at best, yet another example of lies, half-truths, and distortions at worst.  I don't read the rabidly Obamabot press so I am sure somebody, somewhere is calling this SOTU a triumph, but you won't find it in the MSM.  Ron Fournier is about where most MSMers are: Blah.

I have said it over and over again - this is not a surprise, this is not a cosmically tragic turn, this is EXACTLY what was going to happen no matter what, this was inevitable.
As I have said before, history will not wrestle with the question of why Obama turned out to be so disappointing, rather it will wrestle with the question of why Americans placed such lofty expectations onto a man of no consequence and no achievement.  Why did we pluck a small man out of obscurity and raise him up on a cloud of delusional hope?
Democrats have done themselves a awful disservice twice over.  First they handed the reins of the party to the worst of all worlds, an incompetent with thuggish tendencies.  That alone is bad.  Second, not seeing the risk in that, they magnified the risk by building Obama up on a cloud of lofty expectations that no human could vindicate.  The raised him up higher so the inevitable crash would be that much more spectacularly painful.  All the tricks in the Democratic trade - lofty expectations, rock-star marketing, grand projects in big government - have all been significantly depleted by the Obama experiment.

I was way ahead of the game in declaring Obama over.  I think the world is catching up to me.  My prediction at this point is, in a few months (after the meaning of this SOTU sinks in), the main theme of the MSM will be contemplation of how does the nation muddle along with a seriously defenestrated executive.  Conservatives will, rightly, wonder how the nation will survive and lefties will ponder this state of affairs with a faculty lounge type of introspection (while desperately figuring out how to market Hillary in the face of a crashed and charred Obama).

So, at this milestone, let's update where we are.  We are exactly where we have been.  Obama is over.  The world is growing darker.  The US is broke and getting broker.  The next few years will be tremendously dangerous. 


Blogger Richard said...

DB, Speaking of being ahead of the game, back in 2010 when Obabmacare was first being pushed thru Congress, you offered up a "thought exercise" about a highly skilled and experienced cardio-vascular surgeon deciding to leave the field of open heart surgery to do varicose veins rather than accept the income limits imposed by Dear Leader's signature legislation... a "thought exercise" which I shamelessly copied several times, as you know.

Last week when I saw an ad on CNBC for Dr. Louis Prevosti's Vein Atlanta clinic (, I thought of that thought exercise, and once again admired your prescience.

Hope all is well... and profitable.


Bat 1

9:45 AM  
Blogger Donny Baseball said...

So good to hear from you! Yes, sadly, this has come true, and we'll be hearing alot more about it.

All is well with me down here on the plantation known as NYC. Hope all is well with you.

2:15 PM  

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