Friday, February 06, 2015


Six years into the Obama Recovery, Velveeta is making a comeback because people are rediscovering how delicious it is poor.
Anielle Troyan, a call center worker in New York, shops at discount retailers such as Family Dollar for items like soap and detergent as well as groceries like Kraft macaroni and cheese and small-sized condiments.
It's "expensive to cook for one," she said. "I'm 25, I'm poor, I'm usually going to buy what's cheapest."
Customers like Troyan are one reason why Kraft Foods Group reversed course after considering stopping the sale of single-serve packages of Velveeta cheese sauce, which wasn't moving in traditional grocery stores.
Young, single gal?  Sounds just like an Obama-supporter.  Enjoy that free birth control though Anielle!


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