Monday, June 02, 2014

NYT In Irrelevant, Cheeky, Untruthful AGW Propaganda

Of course, just in time to feed the narrative of Lightworker's latest policy push the New York Crimes is out with some data that tells us that 1) Americans totally believe in global warming climate change, 2) they totally want the government to do something about it, and 3) Republicans think like people in Pakistan.

Of course, these conclusions are much different from the conclusions that you would draw if you looked at data from a standard-bearer pollster like, say, Gallup.  Gallup data indicates that only about 40% of Americans think it is a serious issue and even less think the government should do anything about it. Ditto for Bloomberg's Global Investor Poll (not limited to Americans, but presumably fairly smart and informed people).

And that graph in the Crimes piece is too cute...I get it, Republicans are right there with Egyptians and Pakistanis.  Haha.  Whatever.  A Democrat won a senatorial election four years ago by shooting the Cap and Trade bill with a rifle.  And look at those Brazilians, they are even more fervent than Democrats, but what are the Brazilians doing?  Spending $150 billion these next few years on...wait for it, OIL EXPLORATION.  This is after borrowing tens of billions from the Chinese to develop their oil deposits in the past ten years.  So who bloody cares what these right-and-proper thinking Brazilians say in a poll?

Global warming is dead, dead, dead.  Even if it is happening for whatever reason, no policy movement to combat it is going anywhere.


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