Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Global Investors Not High on Obama, Climate Change...

As the WSJ reports today, the Lightworking administration is stepping up its policy efforts focused on global warming climate change.  It's a cynical move as the American public puts global warming climate change well down at the bottom of the list of things it cares about.

As do global investors.  Bloomberg Markets is out with their new global investor poll and investors aren't too keen on climate change policy either - rating it at 2%, below both "aging population" and "not sure".  (Also curious, 36% of investors think it'll be better for the economic outlook is Republicans retain the House and take control of the Senate in November.  Click a page ahead on the interactive chart at the link.)

In other findings, optimism over political leaders' policies contributing to a positive investment climate reveals that Barack Obama garners a mere 37%, less than half of Angela Merkel's tally (76%), well behind David Cameron, Shinzo Abe and even Xi Jinping.  So, what was all that bulls**t we heard prior to the elect that global investors just loved Dear Lightworker???


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