Friday, May 23, 2014

Not News From 1773: Tea Party Rocks Great Britain

As this WSJ editorial points out, the Tea Party vs GOP Establishment theme is mostly a self-serving notion of leftist media elites.  The reality is much more nuanced and optimistic for the actual Tea Party movement.

But, what ought to be another, major element of the story is not the status of - three words - the Tea Party, but of Tea Partyism.  Tea Partyism refers to the political philosophical underpinings of the movement that goes by the moniker.  Tea Partyism comes is various forms and flavors, even in other countries.  In Great Britain, for example, they have an analogous movement to the Tea Party called UKIP, which just had a very good result in recent elections.

So, while actual individuals running for office in the US under whatever banners may be fodder for elite media snickering, the principles of constitutionally faithful government, economic liberty and restraining inept and intrusive bureaucracies is gathering a head of steam in the modern political arena.


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