Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Government Scandals and the Nachman Phenomenon

Just for shits and giggles, let's make a quick list of federal agencies that have been in the news lately for being incredibly dysfunctional:
1) The Veterans Administration - this story is front and center these days, because, well, it doesn't reflect well on government-run healthcare precisely as we plunge deeper into...government-run healthcare...

2) The Secret Service - there is some very good news about the most recent scandal making the news regarding the Secret Service.  The good news is that the scandal does not involve hookers.

This is all just in the last few days.  Go back, oh I don't know, a couple weeks and we can add HHS for their ongoing atrocious display of idiocy surrounding the rollout of ObamaCare, EPA for its highly paid porn-watching and/or double agent pretending employees, the State Department for somehow losing track of $6 billion dollars.

And yet Americans still fall for (and vote for) political promises that government can do things to make our lives better.  I call it the Nachman Phenomenon.


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