Friday, May 16, 2014

Multiple Reasons for NYT's Decline

The Powerline guys do a bit of diagnosis as to why the New York Times is a dying journalistic enterprise.  I think they're on to something, but I think there is more to it.  The Times is an increasingly niche player because it has shrunk itself into its ideological box and alienated vast swaths of the news-consuming public.

Forgive the inherent boastfulness of this, but the Times has alienated me and I should be the type of person they should be desperate to attract.  I'm a news junkie and a high-earner (and it is my intention to be "an influencer" as I become a billionaire in the mold of the Koch brothers).  I've covered this before here and here.  Furthermore, and perhaps most important, the Times simply doesn't give me what I need to be effective at what I do...reality.  The Times doesn't give me reality, it gives me the things that the elitist, metropolitan, progressive would like to read about.  The most pernicious tool of bias in MSM is not how they cover things, it is what they choose to cover and what they choose to ignore.  And the Times ignores alot.  Thus you don't get reality, you get something else.  That means the Times is not a practical tool for me.

For that reason, and the fact that the Times probably loathes people like me, I haven't bought the Times in years.  Thus the Times isn't lying around the house for my kids to pick up if/when they get interested in the news.  My kids will need to have the Times jammed in their faces to know that it even exists, let alone that it may even be important.  Multiply me by a couple hundred thousand and you have a recipe for the slow, inevitable decline of a product.


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