Friday, May 09, 2014

I'm Laughing At Felix Salmon All Over Again

Trolling through the NBfPB achieves I came across this post about our (as in our country) brokeness.  It's a great post and you should read it, but I thought I would just highlight this one tidbit…here is a typical media lefty lamenting our parlous finances and what it means for all those poor, dedicated, selfless public servants…
Right now, with the shutdown, we’ve already reached the point at which the government is breaking very important promises indeed: we promised to pay hundreds of thousands of government employees a certain amount on certain dates, in return for their honest work.
Naturally, I laughed that one out of the park on the spot.  But it is extra delicious to bring this up again on the heels of the news that the EPA has at least one (and I'm sure it is just one) $125,000 employee who watches 4 hours of online porn a day that it knows about.  This is, of course, on top of the scammer who maintained that high paying EPA job while doing nothing and claiming he was working as a spy.

As with most most things, it starts with your assumptions…make the wrong one, and everything that follows is wrong.  In this case, and every case, lefties assume that government employees are these selfless, altruistic public servants giving us their very best day in and day out in the hope of a better tomorrow.  Pshaw.  Vast numbers of them are perniciously incompetent, cheesy spongers.

You could slash the federal workforce by a third and we wouldn't be able to tell the difference.  Well, that's not true, we would.  Things would be appreciably more pleasant.  


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