Friday, May 09, 2014

2014 Could Be Bad for the Obamacrats at the State Level Too

I got the re-election call wrong (as did a lot of people like Michael Barone), but I did predict that Mr. Lightworker would do enormous damage to the Democratic Party before it was all said and done.  This assessment would suggest I was right.
Given the long-term cycles of American political history, Obama’s second midterm this year should be even worse for Democrats than the disastrous Obama first midterm in 2010. And the polls are bearing out that possibility.
Dems either never anticipated this or gambled that holding the White House was worth whatever damage they would sustain elsewhere.  Aside from gaining the Senate, which is BIG, it looks like Republicans might actually extend the gains they made in statehouses in 2010, which was game-changing.  Losing more state houses could be disastrous for Dems.

Smart Republican governance at the state level will create the next wave for the GOP at the national level.  It's already happening.  Michigan and Wisconsin have staged full-on turn-arounds due solely to their bold Republican leaders.  Numerous states like Kansas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee and North and South Carolina are moving noticeably in the right direction under the GOP.  And  states that were already doing it right, like Texas and North Dakota, are continuing the winning streak.

All Democrats at the state level have managed to achieve is to drive their states further into the fiscal abyss and pick fights with gun owners.

Although, no one should be getting cocky.


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