Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I Don't Want To Be Known As That Gay Football Player, But Watch Me Kiss My Boyfriend

I agree

It's sad to see (my neighbor) Roger Goodell join the ranks of the thought police along with Adam Silver, the poobahs at Mozilla and pretty much every university president in America. 

I don't want my smash-mouth football with a side of social justice. 

As Laura Inghram has admonished other entertainers, just sing and spare us the lectures.  That's actually what I am sure most NFL players want - just to play - but when you have a multi-billion dollar franchise you are going to have corporatist overseers of that value.  And when you have corporatist overseers (particularly ones based in NYC) you are going to have weaselly subservience to public relations/brand image concerns.

I am indifferent to the football fate of one Michael Sam, but I am not indifferent to the loss of our ability to speak our minds and hold personal views, even if they are considered retro-grade by some. 

One last point on Michael Sam.  While I wish him no ill, are we really to believe him when he says that he wants to be known as just a football player, not a gay football player, and then proceeds to engineer the world seeing him plant a big ole' wet one on the lips of his boyfriend?  Now he will forever be known as that gay football player, despite his, now scantly believable, protestations.  And, as John Hinderaker posits here, the Rams will be under enormous pressure to make room for Sam on their roster regardless of his training camp performance.  Smart maneuvering on Sam's part, but gratingly cynical.

UPDATE:  Did I say gratingly cynical?


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