Friday, March 07, 2014

The Sad Europeanization of Ireland

I've blogged before about how it fills me with sadness that a growing, prosperous Ireland, the land of my ancestors, is becoming more European and infected with the worst ills of Continentalism - anti-Americanism, fiscal profligacy, welfare statism, anti-religious elitism, and now, the sad raging anger of chic leftist anti-Israel outrage.  Check out this sad display at Legal Insurrection.

A little integration with Europe and how quickly Ireland forgets what it is, or was. Sure Ireland is a little more prosperous, but is it so prosperous that it forgets that it was once a pariah, an outcast, looked on derisively?  Ireland was never a trend chaser, never sought to be chic.  Ireland was the happy loner, forging ahead through life's trevails with a smile on its face if could at all muster it.  Raging intolerance is the last emotion you would associate with the Irish character.  But there it is. 



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