Friday, March 07, 2014

Easy One

I shouldn't blog this because it's one of those ridiculous rich world problems.  It's not like the real problems that most people have, like subsistence problems or, say, having your country be invaded by a guy who promises authoritarian rule and tenuous petro-state economics.

"For Boys, Moving to a Wealthier Neighborhood Is as Traumatic as Going to War."

"Leaving poverty is more complicated than you think," writes Sarah Sloat in The New Republic.
The reason for the disparity between boys and girls isn’t exactly pinned down. [Harvard professor Ronald] Kessler points to various factors — community perception, interpersonal skills — as major points of influence: “We had an anthropologist working with us, and the anthropologist went and talked to and watched the kids in the old neighborhoods and the new neighborhoods, and their perception was that when the boys came into the new neighborhood they were coded as these juvenile delinquents,” says Kessler. “Whereas with the girls, it was exactly the opposite. They were embraced by the community—‘you poor little disadvantaged thing, let me help you.’”
Any who...I'll bet (if it even has to be traumatic going from poorer to nicer digs) that this is because "rich" neighborhoods tend to be populated to a greater extent by the liberal gentry, and that liberal gentry probably is still subsumed with feminist ideology and is focused on making everything magnificent for girls at the expense of boys and feels that typical boy behavior is icky.


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