Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Astorino for Governor

Readers here may be familiar with a minor NY politician named Rob Astorino.  As always, you usually hear things first here at NBfPB.

Well, Rob may not be minor much longer.  He a-goin' dragon-slaying.  He's taking on Governor Andrew Cuomo this November.

He's taking on the Governor who watched Pennsylvania right across the border see a boom by developing its energy reserves while the NY economy flounders.  He's taking on a Governor with the lamest economic development ideas evah.  He's taking on a Governor who told pro-lifers and gun-owners to get the hell out.  He's taking on a Governor who, as most NYers know, is a total schmuck.

Cuomo has a mountain of out-of-state, Clintonite machine, power-Dem money in his corner, so Rob is up against it.  But it can be pulled off.  Already, you'll notice how Cuomo is running as fast as he can from DeBlasio, who is the apotheosis of the crazed NYC Commie that upstate voters resent run things in this state.  Shit, Andy is even trying to convince people he's for charter schools.  It's all phony, just like all those ads on TV saying that New York is open for business.  Yeah, tell that to Remington Arms, the entire Pennsylvania energy industry, the critical financial services industry, and just about everybody.

Anyway, meet the Republican's potential dragon-slayer...(and, yes, this is the official Donny Baseball endorsement notice.)


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