Monday, March 03, 2014

Hey, Just a Reminder...

I said this on October 14, 2013:
5)  War Is Coming -  The global financial crisis (which is a combination of the US sub-prime mortgage crisis and the European sovereign debt crisis) has given capitalism and relatively free markets a bad name, resulting in all sorts of socialists of one breed or another taking power throughout the world (most notably in the USA).  After destroying their own countries' economies and with no levers left to pull at home all commie tyrants go to war.  Furthermore, the US has historically kept a lid on expansionist tyrants and plain ole' bad guys.  After eight years of Barack Obama, the lid lies in the dustbin.  Bad actors will have the leeway to be aggressive and aggressive they will be.  Syria is just a minor example.  It is hard to figure out how increased military conflict will affect markets, but give it some thought because it's coming.


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