Friday, February 28, 2014

Again, Romney Was Right; Plus, Bonus Delicious Conspiracy Theory

The "What if George W. Bush Had Said/Did It" game has been entertaining these past few years and it has some life left in it, as no doubt Obama and his ilk will be blaming ChimpyHitler for alot of things for years to come.

But...I think the game that has the most longevity in it is the "Mitt Romney Was Right Game".  Latest installment here.

I'm thinking that Putin might have been behind all those undetectable credit card campaign contributions to Obama.  Who would you rather have in office, the guy who thinks you are the #1 geopolitical adversary or the guy who promised "more flexibility" after he got re-elected???

UPDATE:  This is what your C-in-C is doing while Russia invades steals a major country on the edge of Europe at the point of a gun.

Good and hard, America.  Good.  And.  Hard.


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