Friday, February 21, 2014

We Are the Knuckleheads We've Been Waiting For!

Hello readers.  Just back now from a week hanging with the Quebecois on the slopes with the Baseball clan.  While away I got almost no news, because as we all know they only report hockey scores in Canada.  Wanna know what is going on in Ukraine?  Forget it.   Wanna know the score of the Owen Sound Attack v. Windsor Spitfires game, you got it.

Alas, I jest.  Our good neighbors to the north are indeed a great lot and great world citizens to boot.

Anywho, while away I did miss this bit of winning salesmanship.  Holy shit.  Do these people understand how effing stupid and arrogant they sound at the same time.

Good God, the ex post facto scrambling to polish this turd is setting new records in mind-blowing disconnects.


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