Friday, February 14, 2014

Why Aren't 20% Paying Their ObamaCare Premiums?

I know that it shouldn't be this way, but sometimes I am aghast at how poorly informed the general public is about the issues and policies that we are obligated to live under.  Pundits are scratching their collective heads guessing how many of the Obamacare enrollees have failed to pay their first premium.

This NYT article reports that the number is 20%.  How could one fifth of enrollees fail to pay?  Easy.  I'll bet that at least that amount thought ObamaCare would be free.  Truly.  This gives me an opportunity to bring up a favorite subject of mine - Peggy Joseph.  Remember her?  Does anybody believe that there aren't hundreds of thousands of ill-informed Peggy Josephs out there that assumed ObamaCare would be free, and once they got their bills were surprised that they had to pay?

UPDATE:  The Powerline guys posit another explanation.
It also appears that some people signed up for multiple plans. Once they selected the plan they really wanted to purchase, they never took the trouble to return to (who would want to) and remove themselves from plans they had previously selected. 
I'm still going with an army of Peggy Josephs.


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