Friday, February 14, 2014

My ObamaCare Prediction Scores One

I predicted long ago, that Obamacare would 1) induce older doctors to retire, and 2) make many doctors go the "Visa, Mastercard, American Express" model of cash for service.

Well, Powerline has the story of one such doctor in Arkansas.
I have recently moved into a small, 1300 square foot leased space, and I have cut my staff down to one full time employee, and two part time employees. I hope to be able to survive on cash patients, a few other smaller private insurance plans, and “out of network” patients. In addition to dropping the large Blue Cross PPO, I have also opted out of Medicare, and only see those patients on a cash pay basis. I have included an attachment of a photo of my billboard that went up here in town a few days ago, as well as a link to my Web site, where my cash prices are listed for all to see.


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