Saturday, February 22, 2014

What No One Will Say

The civilized world is looking on at events in Ukraine and Venezuela and expressing support for the students in Venezuela and the protestors at the barricades in the Maidan AND condemning the violence and oppression unleashed by the Maduro and Putin Yanukovych regimes.  And yet no one will say it...these people need guns.

Non-violent, peaceful protests have established their moral authority, but now the government has taken the gloves off and will happily resort to killing, so the Venezuelans and the Ukrainians fighting for their freedom need to fight fire with fire.

Naturally, the riot police and government goons would not be so emboldened to kill if they knew that they might get shot in return.  With more evenly balanced firepower the actual violence might not be so high.

I'll bet you dollars to donuts that the Venezuelans in the streets and the Ukrainians on the Maidan wish they had something akin to our 2nd Amendment.  As for us, we might take this time to appreciate that we have the 2nd Amendment as we see government forces elsewhere gun down their own citizens.

UPDATE:  This is interesting, the Ukrainians are making noises about enshrining a right to keep and bear arms into their constitution...


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